The Casting Couch

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who We Are and How xCasting Works!

We are producers of themed adult videos and we hope you are reading this because you are interested in exploring opportunities with us.  We are seeking female models in a few different categories which are described below.  You will meet one of our staff and audition, and we will compensate you and promote your name (stage name or otherwise) in our best efforts.

This is a very lucrative business for all, and if handled appropriately it can be safe, fun, and rewarding in many ways.  Unfortunately there are many in this industry who do not act appropriately and professionally, which is why it often carries a less positive reputation.  We promise that your experience with us will be handled respectfully and professionally.  In return we ask that you do the same, that you arrive on time and be prepared as specified, and that you only agree to participate in our productions if you are comfortable with what you are doing.  Also, we greatly prefer that you look at this as being beyond just making money, but also having fun.  If you enjoy yourself it is much better for you, and the product is better as well.  

Based on our themes, the following actors/models are what we seek.  In EVERY case we require the models to be attractive, height/weight proportionate, drug and disease free, and age 18 or above:

1.  "First Time" Female Models.   This is by far the highest demand of our clients and end viewers.  We require female models who are 18-22 (can be slightly older as long as you "look" younger) who are inexperienced but open to this industry.

2.  "MILF's, or Cougars".  Women who are between the ages of 28-42 with the look that is implied by the terms in the title. 

3.  Female-Female Couples:  Truly bi-sexual or lesbian "very femme" women.

4.  Female-Male Couples:  We have some demand for couples who are in their late 20's to mid-40's.  In this case there would be a third actor (usually male) added to the scene, but all activity takes place between the couple while the third actor simply observes from the bed or couch.  

Compensation:  While compensation varies depending on the theme and actions, average compensation is $500 per hour.  Most shoots last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.  All filming is done in a clean, safe, comfortable location in Westchester County, NY.

Next Steps:  If you are interested in proceeding to the next steps (even if you aren't sure you want to do this yet), please provide the following information via email:

1.  Age
2.  City/Town of Residence
3.  Experience level (from none to very experienced)
4.  Which theme(s) you are interested in
5.  Recent photos (of any kind but must be clear indications of your face and what type of figure you have)
6.  Your level of comfort with entering this industry (It's ok to say  "very nervous", or "totally comfortable".
7.  Any questions you may have
8.  Email address or, preferably, phone number

We look forward to working with you!   

Todd Lacey